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British Columbia

Linda Dowds
Presence Coaching
416-725-4104 (Toronto)
778-990-5784 (Vancouver)

Linda has spent many years in the film business, freelancing her way to the top of her game. Her work has taken her across the world, and her personal journey has been no different. Gathering threads from her unique experiences, Linda has woven a rich tapestry that embraces a mind, body, spirit philosophy of life.

Isabel is certified to administer several assessment products including DISC, Tri Metrix, various StrengthFinders as well as a customized 360 process.

Wanting to be the “change she wished to see in the world” Linda began an intensive period of learning that has resulted in her coaching certification from Adler. Through her coaching work, Linda has embraced the school’s philosophy that we are all “creative, resourceful and whole.” Through powerful questioning, leading to awareness and purposeful action, Linda cocreates, with her clients, transformative pathways to sustained growth.

Linda’s passion lies in the coaching arenas of life; career transition; entrepreneurial (new business owners); retirement; youth and team building – with certification as a personal trainer, Linda also has the ability to work with clients in the arenas of fitness and wellness.


Adria Trowhill, MA, CPCC, MCC, PhD (ABD) President
Posi-TRAK Coaching and Consulting Inc.
Office: 416-229-4798
Toll Free: 1-866-367-3632

Adria is a Master Certified Coach who is a trailblazer in Canadian leadership and leadership team coaching. Adria is a leader's coach and an innovative creator of tools and processes for high performance team coaching. Her clients are senior executives, leadership teams and corporate coaches across North America who are committed to bringing outstanding results, openness to new ideas, strategic thinking, passion and spirit to the workplace.

Adria is President of Posi-TRAK Coaching and Consulting Inc., a company which provides a broad range of coaching and consulting services for individuals and organizations in Canada, USA and the UK. She is also a partner in Orenda, an international organization that provides a broad range of coaching and consulting services for individuals and organizations internationally. As Senior Consultant for an International consulting firm, Adria spent 15 years designing and delivering training and outplacement programs, as well as providing psychological assessments for senior executives. Her background in organizational and clinical psychology combined with extensive experience addressing leadership, performance, organizational development and change issues, provides a comprehensive, in-depth platform for her coaching.

Adria has successfully coached leaders from Vice President to CEO levels in their efforts to make major and positive changes in their leadership. As role model for her clients and coaching students, Adria continuously ‘raises the bar’. She is known for her leading edge thinking, her highly intuitive and creative approach, as well as her commitment to holding high standards for herself and her clients. Her papers have been accepted at International conferences, and most recently in the inaugural edition of the ‘Executive Coach’ magazine. Adria is a writer for the Canadian entrepreneurial magazine, Esteem. She is also an accomplished pianist.

Adria began her coaching practice in 1994-1996 as team coach to a general management team. Her work has evolved to include leaders, leadership teams, coaches-in-training and individuals who are facing major challenges in their lives. Adria’s vision is to make a significant difference in the creation of empowering, highly productive cultures for work.

Adria believes that leaders need to reflect on who they are being in the world, what they are creating in their cultures, and devote more time to understanding the impact they are having. Coaching enables them to do this, and supports them in connecting with their essential selves, and aligning with their vision, purpose and values in order to deliver outstanding results. “Out of this focus emerges high performance and business growth, the maximization of human potential, and innovative approaches to resolving performance and business issues. As individual team members grow in leadership, the team increases its power and effectiveness. What counts beyond technical skills is Vision, the capacity to show up fully and fully utilize strengths, and the ability to connect with each other at a truly authentic level."

Adria Trowhill is a three time winner of the Prism Award for achieving outstanding performance through leadership coaching and leadership team coaching. She is former president of the Toronto International Coaching Federation (2.5 Years, as Canadian Leader for ICF and currently program director for ACTO (the Association for Coach Training Organizations internationally).

Anna Ciciretto
President and Founder
Cordis Connexion Coaching & Consulting

Anna is a high energy, results-oriented leader and an accomplished Professional Coach & Human Resources Executive. She brings over 20 years of both broad and in-depth experience in a variety of disciplines within the HR field including Team Coaching and Leadership Coaching. Anna has held leadership positions with some of the country's top organizations including Nielsen Media Research International, TSX and progressive positions with Bristo-Myers Canada and TD Canada Trust.

Anna is a challenger of the status quo and partners with corporate clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire them to maximize their professional and personal potential. She will give you honest feedback and act as the supportive sounding board needed to reach the next level. Through the collaborative process of coaching, clients have deepened their learning about themselves and the opportunities and issues in their lives, improved their performance and enhanced their quality of life in an effort to get to where they want to be.

Her academic and professional accomplishments include the following:

Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC) Adler International Learning/OISE of U of T, 2009
Certified Adler Trained Coach (ATC) Adler International Learning/OISE of University of Toronto, 2008
Certified Living Systems Approach to Coaching Collaborative Work Groups and Intact Teams, 2008
Leadership Program – Queen’s University, 2004
CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) Designation, 1999
Executive Development Program, Advanced HR Management – Rotman School of Business, U of T, 1998
Certificate in Adult Education - St. Francis Xavier University, 1995
Bachelor of Applied Arts, Administration & Information Management – Ryerson Polytechnical University, 1983

Anna was also recognized by the International Coach Federation for Excellence in Coaching and Leadership in support of coaching to the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada organization as a Winner of the 2008 PRISM Award.

Anna is currently serving as Treasurer on the ICF-GTA. She also provides Executive/Leadership and Team Coaching and HR consulting including Human Resources Strategy Development, Management/ Leadership Development and Organizational Design and Effectiveness.

Anna Di Pede, Hons. BA
Ready Aim Fire Marketing

In a world where common sense is not so common, count on Anna Di Pede to bring a common sense approach to your business. As an innovative business strategist and highly intuitive and curious marketer, Anna uses a ‘coaching approach’ to branding, marketing, team dynamics, etc. Change happens from the inside out and it happens one step at a time. Take this first step to create the change you desire.

Over her extensive marketing and advertising career, Anna has held senior marketing positions with several of Canada’s leading advertising agencies and major national and global advertisers (quick service restaurants, casual dining, home furnishings and electronics, automotive, etc.). As a consultant and coach, Anna has worked with the following categories: personal/medical care products, hospital foundations, media group, venture capital group, window/glass manufacturer and others.

Training and education has included the coaching certificate program at the Adler School of Coaching, Certified Living Systems Approach™ to Coaching Collaborative Work Groups and Teams, Shadow Coaching™ (real-time coaching), the Leadership Development Program at The Niagara Institute, the McCann Leadership program, Princeton, New Jersey, an Honours BA from the University of Toronto and over 28 years experience in advertising and marketing.

Put Anna’s experience to work for you to deliver results – with individual team members, work groups and teams, branding, marketing and advertising plans and organizational goals.

Anne Murray, M.Ed., A.T.C.
People in Harmony Consulting Services

With a broad interest in families, Anne has specialized in creating communities through resiliency and leadership in families and schools. Currently she works with families, educators and youth, coaching and facilitating ways to develop strategies for managing the stressors in their lives. Her approach builds on values’ clarification and identifying individual strengths as the basis of decision making for wise choices. She is a lifelong learner that is compassionate, curious and engaging.

Anne provides Team Coaching in schools through her program Me, We and Us – Relationships Matter™ to increase self awareness and relationship building for groups having outreach experiences. Anne encourages youth and families to make choices with the leadership of their lives, as they face its challenges. ‘Life is the sum of the choices we make every moment’ guides much of her coaching philosophy.

Anne is a Registered Nurse, with a Master’s in Adult Education/Developing Human Resources, and is an Adler Trained Coach.

Anne currently works in schools with boys aged 14-17 and individually with families, primarily parents and their children, who are experiencing relationship and stress challenges.

Anne has worked as a nurse and studied in India, Scotland and Canada in Community Health, with a focus in the area of Parent and Child Health. She provides training for professionals and parents through the program Kids Have Stress Too!

Bernita Kiefte, ATC, PhD (ABD), MBA
Performance Excelerators Inc.

As President of Performance Excelerators, I thrive in multiple roles – as leadership coach, consultant, educator, author and speaker. I’m passionate about coaching individuals and teams to accelerate their “performance bests” by building excellence in these and other capacities: Energy Expansion (work smarter not harder); Relationship Wisdom (communicate and connect more effectively); Innovation Leadership (generate breakthroughs for success). Since early 2007, my clients have spanned all leadership levels in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors – and through coaching, have celebrated extraordinary wins.

Prior to launching my practice, I built and led innovative business development teams, companies, programs and technology solutions as a senior leader within the telecommunications industry. I also blazed the marketing trail for a technology start-up company and for four years, contributed as consultant to a financial services success story in the knowledge-based industries arena. My strategic expertise has frequently been leveraged in these areas: business and organizational development, innovation, commercialization, visioning, employee engagement, customer experience, change, communications and branding.

PhD studies and an MBA were pursued at the Richard Ivey School of Business. Since then, I’ve become an Adler Trained Coach (ATC) through Adler International Learning and OISE, University of Toronto. Special coaching certifications in cognitive, emotional and social intelligence enable client partnerships that power-up these competencies. And advanced training in the Living Systems Approach® (for coaching teams and work groups) and in Shadow Coaching™ (for observing clients in real-time work environments) offers further frameworks. To support my ongoing professional development, I’m an active member of the International Coach Federation, the Center for Creative Leadership, the NeuroLeadership Institute and the International Positive Psychology Association.

With a spirit of possibility, I warmly invite you and your team to accelerate your performance bests for life and leadership.

Gerry Fryer
Renaissance Coaching

Gerry’s passion is collaborating with people who understand that they have yet to discover their full potential. His professional reward is witnessing their satisfaction on achieving the breakthroughs that will take them to the level of success that they want.

Gerry’s coaching and life philosophies include kindness, a relaxed style, a profound sense of fairness, and an exceptional ability to synthesize ideas. At the same time he is highly goal-oriented.

His career journey began as an actuary in a large life insurance company. Over the years Gerry mentored many people and discovered his people skills, leading to facilitation assignments and ultimately leadership positions in the company. He has been the President of the Thornhill Toastmasters Club and currently is a Board member of the Greater Toronto Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Gerry has an MA (Economics), is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries; and he is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

Helen Tsotsos
Success Dynamics

Helen Tsotsos, Principal of Success Dynamics, supports and challenges executives and managers to optimize their leadership impact. An entrepreneur and leader since 1986, Ms. Tsotsos has successfully operated several businesses, managing business growth and development, as well as its people. Being a leader, she understands the key to success is rooted in deep and powerful communication.

Ms. Tsotsos coaches executives and managers to optimize their leadership impact. Her approach engages the wisdom and intelligence of the whole person--somatic intelligence, intellect, history, emotions and character. Leadership presence, performance enhancement and interpersonal effectiveness are some of the arenas Ms. Tsotsos explores with her clients. Leadership effectiveness is expanded through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, coaching skills training programs and 360° assessments.

As a coach, Ms. Tsotsos is an articulate and commanding communicator who is concise, uplifting and motivating. She delivers support and feedback with precision, directness and compassion. Her exceptional intuition and insights penetrate to the core of issues and energize the transformational change process.

Ms. Tsotsos is certified by Adler International Learning (ACPC), OISE at the University of Toronto (Adult Training and Development) and the Harvard School of Continuing Education (Clinical Application of Mind/Body Medicine). She is a lifelong learner and continues educational pursuits in the areas of business, positive psychology, wellness, stress management and eastern spiritual philosophies and practices.

Additional areas of expertise include the following: projecting confidence and presence; somatic based coaching; work-life balance; averting stress and burnout.

Dr. Johanna Beyers
Wind Oak & Dove

Are you distracted? Have you run out of innovative steam? Do you remember what’s important to you? Does your life feel balanced? Is it lonely at the top? How’s your hope quotient?

These are vital questions for any organization. In my role as coach I accompany leaders in their work of self-exploration, revitalization and change. My approach is whole-person dynamic, with the goal of developing cognitive, personal and social leadership competencies (e.g., empathy, vitality, the ability to reframe situations, conceptual thinking, self-renewal, sustainability). This approach is beneficial also for former leaders or individuals faced with a new phase in life, retirement or other unfamiliar situation.

My academic and professional accomplishments include the following

BSc (Earth Sciences, UBC, 1986)
MSc (Earth Sciences, UBC, 1989)
PhD (Environmental Policy, York University, 1998)
Sandplay Therapist (CAST, Toronto, 2002-3)
Adler Trained Coach (Adler, Toronto, 2006)
Trans-VISIONAL® Coaching for Collaborative Work Groups and Teams (Toronto, 2007)
Coaching at the Core (Boston, MA, 2007)
The Organizational Shadow: An Integrative Approach to Organizational Assessment (on-line seminar, 2005)
Member, CAST, CAPT
25-year commitment to personal process
“A Personal Koan” – Paper published in Sandplay and the Psyche: Inner Landscapes and Outer Realities. B. Weinberg and N. Baum (Eds.), 2007, Thera Art, Toronto, pp. 75-102.

My passion is for the fullness of life experience through creative and spiritual renewal. To this end I incorporate sandplay, mindfulness, dreamwork and art-based activities in my practice.

Linda Dowds
Presence Coaching
416-725-4104 (Toronto)
778-990-5784 (Vancouver)

Linda has spent many years in the film business, freelancing her way to the top of her game. Her work has taken her across the world, and her personal journey has been no different. Gathering threads from her unique experiences, Linda has woven a rich tapestry that embraces a mind, body, spirit philosophy of life.

Wanting to be the “change she wished to see in the world” Linda began an intensive period of learning that has resulted in her coaching certification from Adler. Through her coaching work, Linda has embraced the school’s philosophy that we are all “creative, resourceful and whole.” Through powerful questioning, leading to awareness and purposeful action, Linda cocreates, with her clients, transformative pathways to sustained growth.

Linda’s passion lies in the coaching arenas of life; career transition; entrepreneurial (new business owners); retirement; youth and team building – with certification as a personal trainer, Linda also has the ability to work with clients in the arenas of fitness and wellness.

Michelle McCarthy, ACPC, ACC designation pending
Copperhead Coaching & Consulting

Michelle is a coach who is passionate in her belief of the power, creativity and resourcefulness of individuals, teams and organizations; and, in the value the coaching process has in the support of achievement of potential and goals. She specializes in team, leadership, executive and career management coaching.

Michelle is a certified Coach (ACPC) who has been practicing coaching for over six years. She is also a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), with over 20 years experience in Human Resource management in private, public and not-for-profit sectors, career coaching and consulting, and training and educational program development.

Michelle received her coaching certification through Adler International Learning/Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto and is currently a Masters Candidate, MA Leadership, at the University of Guelph. She has completed the Trans-Visional Coaching for Collaborative Work Groups & Teams and the Organization and Systems Relationship Coaching Program, and is certified in the use of The Leadership Circle 360 Assessment and Culture Survey.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation, International Coach Federation Greater Toronto Area Chapter, the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario, and the Grand Valley Human Resources Professionals Association.

Susan Jacobson, ATC
Newfocus Coaching
Business Coach and Personal Brand Strategist
416-256-1228 (phone)
416-995-3499 (cell)

Susan is the founder of Newfocus Coaching, where she specializes in creating customized and highly practical business solutions designed to help business owners, organizations and independent professionals take their business to the next level of growth. Susan provides a powerful blend of business coaching, strategic marketing/ sales and personal branding to help her clients build higher functioning work teams, create stronger leadership skills and develop sustainable business results.

About Susan

Susan is widely regarded as an expert, a trustworthy source and a creative thinking partner, qualities highlighted by a rare combination of genuine caring, keen intuition, strong business instinct and creative business savvy. She brings over 25 years of corporate marketing experience and 12 years as a successful independent coach and marketing consultant.

Susan is passionate about creating success from the inside out and she believes that the growth of a business is directly related to the growth and development of their team.

Academic Outline: Adler Trained Coach, Adler School of Coaching, Certified Living Systems Approach to Coaching Collaborative Work Groups and Teams, Certified Reach Personal Brand Strategist, Certified 360 Reach Assessment Tool, Graduate of Ryerson Univesity, Marketing Management Certificate, Coaching with Creativity Certificate and Leadership that Matters.

Services: Susan customizes workshops, seminars, and team coaching sessions along with providing individual coaching, marketing consulting and keynote speaking engagements.

Client Categories: Mid to Small Businesses, Dental and Medical Professionals, Government Agencies, Travel and Tourism, and Independent Professionals.

Let Susan’s passion and expertise accelerate your business growth!

United States


Isabel McDougall
Possibility Thinking
480-998-2785 (office)
602-818-2981 (cell)

Isabel McDougall is a management consultant, trainer, facilitator, and certified professional coach. Isabel works with committed leaders in private enterprise and public organizations to help them discover their full leadership potential, increase their personal fulfillment, and contribute their best selves to their families, organizations and communities.

Isabel specializes in helping clients sort out and deal with what’s important. Dedicated to achieving meaningful results at the personal and organizational level, Isabel believes in leadership development by focusing on individual and team strengths and values and using these assets to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Typical clients are appointed and elected officials, their teams and departments, nonprofits and small businesses.

Isabel is certified to administer several assessment products including DISC, Tri Metrix, various StrengthFinders as well as a customized 360 process.

Education and training includes a BA in Art from the U of NH, an MA in Management of Complex Organizations from the U of Phoenix, and coach training and certification from Adler Learning-USA, including special training in Trans-Visional coaching for work groups and teams.

Isabel is accredited by the ICF as an Associate Certified Coach, and past Secretary of the Phoenix chapter of the ICF. After 25 years of management experience, Isabel founded her own coaching business, “Possibility Thinking”.

Jeff Thoren, DVM, ACC
Founder and Leadership Coach
Gifted Leaders, LLC

Jeff Thoren, DVM, ACC founded Gifted Leaders, LLC, in 2005 and became an ICF-Certified Coach in 2007. Inspired by both personal and professional experiences, he decided to “walk the talk” of enlightened leadership by forming a coaching and consulting practice dedicated to liberating the potential in others. Jeff has been successful in both individual and group transformations by equipping people to shift from the mindset of “I” to the collective collaboration of “we.” His client work is characterized by integrity, commitment, and dedication to being values- and purpose-driven. His clients include a wide range of business professionals in human and animal health care, pharmaceutical companies, and institutions of higher learning. Jeff has worked with Washington State University, Fresenius Medical Care, Novartis Animal Health, TriQuint Semi-Conductor, Pfizer Animal Health, and Mayo Clinic Arizona.

Jeff is an editorial advisory board member for Exceptional Veterinary Team as well as a regular contributor of articles on leadership and coaching. He is also a founding group facilitator and organizer of the Veterinary Leadership Experience.

A graduate of Washington State University with a bachelor's degree in Veterinary Science (1981) and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (1984), Jeff worked as an associate veterinarian in small animal practice in western Washington. In 1987, he left private practice to serve as a Professional Service Representative with Hill's Pet Nutrition. He stayed with Hill's until 1994 when he joined Novartis Animal Health as the Regional Technical Manager for the Pacific Sales Region. In 1995 he relocated to Greensboro, NC as Associate Manager of Professional Services and was promoted to Manager of Professional Services in 1998.

From October 2000 until June 2005, Jeff served as the Director of Professional Recruitment and Development for Pet’s Choice, Inc., a family of 46 community veterinary hospitals and specialty practices in five U.S. States. His primary goal there was to help transform Pet’s Choice into an employer of choice within the veterinary profession.

Molly O’Neill, ACPC, ACC

Molly is an executive and leadership team coach with Change Agents, Inc., where she works with executives and teams in several organizations in the Phoenix area.

As an individual and team coach, Molly specializes in developing increased capacity in critical leadership qualities. She works with an inside-out leadership model, encouraging clients to envision, implement and sustain the changes needed to attain their desired results. She motivates her clients to be open to possibilities, maximize unique strengths and become fully accountable for manifesting their vision and goals. Firmly grounded in the Adler coaching model with its focus on human potential, Molly went on to study team coaching with Adria Trowhill, MCC, one of the pioneers of team coaching who has developed the Living Systems Approach® to coaching collaborative work groups and intact teams.

Molly’s personal leadership style is distinguished by excellent interpersonal skills from her background in employee coaching, working in a team-oriented, leading edge learning organization, as well as early career experience in education.

In addition to her work as an executive and team coach, Molly is an Adler International Learning faculty member, facilitating coach certification courses in an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coach training program. She is also actively involved in the ongoing professional development of coaches in her role as an executive board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)-Phoenix Chapter. Molly is a Certified EQ Mentor and she has also studied the practice of Q-Storming™ (question-thinking) with Marilee Adams (Inquiry Institute). Molly is certified in the DISC™ and PIAV™ assessment tools, as well as the TriMetrix® and Performance DNA™ processes. In addition to her work with coaches, leaders, teams and professionals, Molly also works with artists and people embracing challenges that require deep inquiry and creative strategizing.

Molly’s background includes a lifelong interest in the arts, especially music and theatre. Molly taught professionally for several years and later became a successful record producer. She has also spent over two decades studying and practicing yoga and meditation.

Rosie Dolan Baker
Senior Partner
Inside Results, LLC

My value proposition is making a difference coaching individual leaders and teams, unleashing their full potential.

Academic accomplishments include the following: MBA, BSEd, RODP, Adler trained coach.

My clients are large and small corporate, governmental and nonprofit organizations and their leaders.

Additional information includes: strong organization development and coaching professional, organization culture growth and transformation and leadership development are my specialties, using the latest in cognitive neuroscience research, capitalizing in how the mind works to leverage individual, team and organizational excellence.

Sally Starbuck Stamp, BA, BSN, MC
Coach and Consultant
Valley Coaching Collaborative
Gifted Leaders, LLC
602-200-0048 (phone)
602-200-0049 (fax)

Sally Starbuck Stamp coaches and consults with individuals and organizations primarily in the areas of leadership development, communication skills, change management, and life/work effectiveness. Sally utilizes a strengths-based approach when working with clients who are interested in how they can both do and “be” better in areas they choose to explore. Sally has extensive experience in health care, with current clients that include a number of major medical organizations.

Sally worked as a nurse administrator for an inpatient health care facility before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers as a management consultant. In that role she led teams in providing services that included: strategic visioning/planning; merger and acquisition evaluation; financial feasibility studies; and workflow development and design. Sally began her formal coaching career when she coached students in a university setting while attending graduate school.

Sally served as lead researcher and editorial advisor to EMERGE International in the publication of Getting Your Shift Together: Making Sense of Organizational Culture and Change (Pellet and Bouchard).

She also co-authored a book and created a game to teach table manners: The Proper Pig’s Guide to Mealtime Manners (Kowal and Stamp).

Sally has a BA in Sociology and Psychology from Denison University; a BSN from Kent State University; and a Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University. She completed her coach training at the Adler Learning-USA, and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Sandy Somers, RN, MS, ACC
Career Coach
Career Discovery Services, LLC and Valley Coaching Collaborative

I am a career coach who believes that when individuals tap into their God given gifts and talents and choose a strengths-based approach to their work anything is possible. I further believe that when these individuals come together through the synergy of team coaching the results are exponential. As a member of the Valley Coaching Collaborative we work as a team to coach teams at all levels of the organization. We have found that individual coaching in conjunction with team coaching provides the most powerful results.

My academic accomplishments include the following: Master of Science in Psychiatric/Community Health Nursing, Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and a Certified Professional Coach through the Adler Learning-USA.

As a career coach, I also work with individuals to help determine initial career path, transition in a new direction, or develop in their current career. I frequently utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment as an aid in career development.


Michael Snovak
Professional Coach and Experiential Educator
Natural Discoveries LLC

Natural Discoveries’ objective is to support individuals and organizations with personal development, leadership, team building, visioning, and change management. Michael develops professional targeted coaching, experiential education, mentoring, and guiding skills that promote middle and long-term personal and corporate solutions from a Living Systems Approach®. As a Professional Coach and Outdoor Educator, Michael combines experiential outdoor models that parallel individual or corporate goals with a realistic level of adventure and experience based on the client’s needs and abilities. Coaching support focuses on individuals and teams of all sizes. Experiential events range from half-day, low impact hikes to multi-week adventure expeditions.

Michael specializes in numerous levels of outdoor activities and programs based on more than twenty-five years of outdoor and corporate experience. His corporate background ranges from diagnostician and instructor to developing and leading project teams to high levels of performance in companies such as Xerox, United Airlines and other organizations. His outdoor experience includes mountaineering, climbing, and mentoring in the Appalachian Mountains, the Colorado Rockies, the Cascade, and Olympic Ranges of the Pacific Northwest, the Alaska Range (Denali / Mt. McKinley) and the volcanoes in central Mexico.

Michael has developed and presented programs for organizations and groups of all ages that blend aspects of the hard and soft skills of individual and corporate leadership skills, team building, communication, mountaineering, outdoor ethics, and personal awareness.

Michael is affiliated with groups such as Adler Learning-USA, International Coach Federation (ICF), National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), The American Alpine Club, and the Mountain Rescue Association.


Rev. and Dr. Neil A. Salvaterra

My current coaching emphasis is working with religious professionals and religious organizations. I am truly passionate about seeing those persons and organizations who serve God flourish in their personal callings and corporate missions. I am also very interested in working with any organization or individual seeking to find a truly meaningful way of existing in the world.

My academic accomplishments include the following: Doctorate Degree with emphasis on the utilization of Professional Coaching with specific application to the work of Pastoral Formation and Leadership Development; Master of Divinity degree; Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality/business management; currently working toward Adler Coaching Certification.


Fran Fisher
FJFisher Coaching and Consulting

Your Vision=My Passion!

Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach (MCC), is a visionary leader, international speaker, and published author. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, and collaborative teams providing coaching services such as the Living Systems Approach® to Collaborative Work Groups, 360 Feedback, Living Your Vision®, Dependable Strengths, and Learning in Action EQ Assessments.

Fran empowers her clients to improve their Performance, Profitability and Personal Fulfillment. Her clients close the gap between their vision and current reality.

Fran is recognized internationally as one of the pioneers and champions for coaching. She served as chair of the Credentialing Committee of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and she was the first Executive Director of the Association for Coach Training Organizations (ACTO).

Fran has partnered with Adria Trowhill in delivering her Living Systems Approach® Team Coaching since 1999 with HR teams, Risk Management, and teams in international pharmaceutical companies. She has also delivered the LSA team coaching skills training in Tel Aviv, Istanbul, and Seattle.

Lynne Brisdon
Professional Certified Coach, ICF Accredited
Living In Vision Enterprises Inc.

Lynne specializes in connecting people with their passion and their calling and making it their business. She works primarily with small business and micro-enterprises where she utilizes team coaching to facilitate the creation of a compelling collective vision to inspire growth and prosperity.

Through on-going conversations the team’s interaction is guided toward dynamic strategies and solutions. By recognizing the group as a system and conflict as an opportunity for growth and change, group synergy is fostered. Team or project momentum is enhanced when assumptions and conflicting agendas are brought to the surface and resolved.

At the individual level Lynne inspires people to embrace their innate abilities and talents, while overcoming internal obstacles to achieving full potential. Each team member is encouraged to flourish while contributing to agreed upon goals and the odds for successful outcomes increase exponentially. When we access our creative potential together in agreement, truly great things are possible.

Lynne constantly upgrades her skills to provide leading edge coaching. In addition to the Living Systems Approach® to Team Coaching she certified as a Co-Active Coach (2001), and completed Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching with The Coaches Training Institute, and is now including Core Dynamics Coaching in her repertoire.

Interests include the following: Spirituality, Healing, Riding Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Natalie Mattson
Lead Consultant
Integral Leadership, Inc.

Natalie offers a whole (person) systems approach toward the alignment of actions, desires, and wisdom. She works with teams, leaders, and individuals helping to align the head, heart, and belly. By increasing ones clarity, a leader can create compelling environments for making decisions, planning for change, accessing and developing a diverse workforce, following action plans, and even resolving conflict. She helps clients focus on the effective application of their knowledge, experience, and internal wisdom. Natalie believes that education alone does not fully prepare leaders for today’s complexities and that leaders can only take others where they are willing to go; in the current intercultural and intergenerational work environments, that’s quite a journey!

Natalie is a lead consultant with Integral Leadership, Inc., an international coaching and consulting firm. She has worked with new and mid-level leaders in public and private sectors. She has facilitated, coached, and consulted in: Communication, Leadership, Intergenerational Leadership, Maximizing Human Relations, Diversity Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Diversity, Managing Conflict in International Organizations, Transforming Conflict with Cultural Competency, Team Coaching, Organizational and Team Alignment, Climate Assessments, and more.

In addition to her certificates in Community Mediation, Professional Mediation, Management and Supervision, Mindful Facilitation, she is a Certified Professional Coach. Adding to her Bachelor degree in Speech Communication, Natalie is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Relations from University of the Pacific, School of International Studies.

Explore aligning your wisdom and actions with Natalie!

Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor founded Versoria, a professional coaching and consulting company, which offers a practical approach for navigating growth for results and fulfillment.

Since 1991, Terry has coached professionally and as a volunteer helping hundreds of people throughout the United States and internationally to discover how to effectively move forward, deepen learning and get dynamite results. Terry holds a Masters in Organizational Psychology from Antioch University and has earned the Master Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation.

Executive Coaching. Individualized coaching for CEO’s, business owners and leaders, managers and supervisors who are looking for a confidential, generative environment that fosters growth, forwards effective action and develops leadership and personal and professional skills.

Team Coaching. Teams themselves are entities with personalities and abilities and team members either contribute to or detract from the effectiveness of the team. Team coaching provides an immediate feedback process to assess and improve decisions, dialogue and interactions. Teams create profound agreements around leadership, behavior, delegation and accountability.

Organizational Development. Whether fine tuning processes and structure or larger scale and sweeping change, Versoria can help you gain the perspective through objective assessment and then adroitly facilitate conversations that support your organization to think strategically and implement improvement plans.

Workshop and Seminars. Versoria offers the Leadership, Business Momentum, and Transitions Series of seminars and customized workshops in Communication skills, Leadership Development and Team Agreements. Workshops, seminars and the tools developed by Versoria are based on respect for self and others and bring people towards their highest potential, their deepest passions and their wildest dreams.